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     At AMCAM Solutions, we offer the full suite of AT&T Security products and services providing state of the art protection for your small business.  Our layered Managed Security Services address where your data is vulnerable to provide compliance, visibility and security of your data and applications.  

Cloud Web Security (CWSS)

     AT&T's Cloud Web Security is designed to provide comprehensive web security including real time protection against viruses and malware, protection against compromised/hacked web sites, and granular control of Web applications.


For more information read our brochure on CWSS

AT&T Vulnerability Scanning Services (VSS)

     AT&T Vulnerability Scanning Services are a cornerstone element of any information security program.  VSS are used to protect your informational assets by evaluating the security posture of the IP devices connected to your computing networks across the globe on an individual IP or enterprise-wide basis.

For more information read our brochure on VSS


AT&T Secure Email Gateway

     Managing the thousands of e-mail messages that pass through a typical company’s servers every day is an enormous task. Dedicating
 n-house IT resources to ensure security, availability, and compliance for vast amounts of e-mail traffic is one approach – but doing so diverts these valuable resources from strategic work that advances business goals. Thankfully, there is a better way with AT&T's Secure Email Gateway.

For more information, read our brochure on SEG


AT&T Network Based Firewall

     AT&T Network-Based Firewall service provides a fully-managed, secure, cost-effective solution that allows you to manage and control employee access to the Internet while preventing unauthorized access into your network infrastructure.

For more information, read our brochure on NBF 

AT&T FlexWare

     What if you could use one general-purpose appliance to support all of the various functions across your different sites and geographies?  Putting two or more network functions on a standard piece of hardware eliminates the need for stacks of proprietary equipment that require specialized IT skillsets to install, configure, and maintain. It can also reduce your capital expenditures, as well as your power and cooling requirements, leading to an improved total cost of ownership.

For more information, read our brochure on FlexWare